11 best mixed media sketchbook

11 best mixed media sketchbook

Keeping a sketchbook is a tradition as old as art itself. It’s an invaluable resource for any artist, and it can be a great way to organize your thoughts and ideas.

In this post, we’ll go over different types of sketchbooks (the best-mixed media sketchbook in particular) and the advantages of each class.

What is a mixed-media sketchbook and why should you use one?

Mixed-media sketchbooks are what they sound like: journals filled with more than one medium of art. Mixed media sketchbooks are notebooks that contain various types of paper. Depending on your style, this can include anything from watercolor to acrylic paint or even colored pencils and markers.

These sketchbooks make it easy for you to switch up the way you work without starting a new book every time. In addition, these books tend to be inexpensive, which makes them perfect for artists who aren’t sure if their hobby is going anywhere yet!

What’s great about using a mixed-media notebook is its diversity in terms of how you use each page within the book. Let’s say you have an idea for a new logo but want to make sure it looks good in black and white before proceeding; if this was one half of one spread inside your sketchbook, all you need to do is flip over to the other side, where you have a few sheets of black paper and start testing!

Here’s the list of our 11 Best Mixed Media Sketchbooks.

1. Canson XL

Canson XL is the paper of choice for any artist. Made to suit all needs, you can sketch or paint on these sheets with watercolor or ink. With 60 sheets in one pad, you’ll never run out of paper mid-project again!

It has a hefty weight of 98 pounds and 110 gsm, ensuring an impressive look. Canson XL paper also creates smooth blends without destroying your work before you can get it completed. They are feather-resistant, but they are also acid-free, making these pads ideal for everyone from beginning artists to masters looking for dependable backup supplies when inspiration strikes again!

It contains a choice of heavy watercolor paper or heavyweight canvas, which makes for outstanding enjoyment when experimenting with various mediums.

Plus, it has accurate perforations, so wanting just one graphite sheet is easy and quick! The micro-perforated sheets are perfect for making minor adjustments that would be more difficult, if not impossible, with the pinching method.

Canson XL

2. Canson XL Rough Series

The Canson Rough Series is a high-quality paper with an impressively scratch-resistant surface. The rough surface makes wet media grab the dry press, saving you time because your watercolors won’t keep sliding off this paper! It’s perfect for artists who plan to do detailed work and use much different media in their writing.

Canson XL Rough Series is a semi-transparent drawing paper containing all the characteristics artists need to express their ideas.

It’s 100% acid-free and has heavyweight charcoal grey paper for sketching and producing detailed drawings. 120lb with an extra coarse grain texture to offer additional texture possibilities and excellent erasing abilities! It supports acrylic, oils, and pastels with relative impermanence.

Canson XL Rough Series

3. Strathmore 400 Series

Strathmore 400 series drawing paper is versatile in both wet and dry media. Mixed-media paper combines the characteristics of watercolor paper with the finish of a drawing sheet, giving artists the freedom to experiment with two traditional mediums. With its unique composition that blends an absorbent surface, mixed media can be applied using various pens, charcoal pencils, paints like gouache, or watercolors without fear of indentation or show-through. The perfect combination for artists who use different materials in their creative process; they’ll succeed due to this remarkable product’s versatility!

The Mixed Media Paper Pad includes flip-over covers for sheets inside the pad yet tear out cleanly, like sketchbook pages. It has generous 9×12 dimensions and contains 30 sheets of acid-free, 100% cotton paper.

The Strathmore 400 Series is an introduction to paper crafting that includes watercolor. With its bright white hue, this 90 lb (190 gsm) “hung” (not laid) sheet of watercolor paper makes it easy to get authentic washes of color. This natural surface boasts superior ink release and can be used with wet media without cracking or lifting! The Strathmore 400 Series is a premium-quality paper crafted by skilled hands for the most discerning artists and crafters.

Strathmore 400 Series

4. Strathmore Hardbound

This journal is perfect for those who enjoy mixed media and document their creative process. With this journal, you can sketch, draw, and paint all in the same place because it’s acid-free and can preserve your artwork! The end pages are “noiseless” so that anything you work on during your travels won’t hurt or damage these essential pages. From drawing out a shoe design to painting colors for sale at your store, this Strathmore 566 Series Mixed Media Journal has got you covered.

With Strathmore’s series of mixed-media journals, envision your thoughts or ideas coming to life. Ideal for sketches, drawings, prints, à la prima grisailles techniques, and even calligraphy! Mix and match colors and textures with the 24 shades of 100% cotton fiber artists’ grade paper included in each package. Each box contains 32 sheets measuring 8.5″ x 11″ inches, acid-free.

Strathmore Hardbound

5. Arteza Mixed Media 9 x 12

Mixed media is always a favorite, and this Arteeza Mixed Media 9 x 12 pad with five different shades of paper will be your favorite mixed media work surface. With white, cream, light gray, and black pieces, as well as another type of tinted paper in the form of white, there’s something for everyone. 

The watercolor paint on these sheets pops when applied to them, too, with various pigment levels depending on the color you’re using, which is perfect for those artists who like to create their color palettes or customize their foundations! 

Peruse through these pages quickly with a 180gsm weight that bends without breaking and goes from sketching rough ideas up to finished pieces without having to switch around pads constantly.

Arteza Mixed Media 9 x 12

6. JOLLITYJOY Papyrus Pro

The Jollityjoy Papyrus Pro is a sketchbook with premium quality, bright white paper. The paper is durable and meant for various art techniques such as markers, colored pencils, etcetera. It tears easily, but the micro-perforation does not allow too much tearing at once, which can be inconvenient when using wet-on-wet techniques or mixed media crafts.

This book is the perfect size to protect all of your sketchbooks, drawings, and doodles from frayed edges since its twin-wire binding holds up well over time.

It has bright white, acid-free paper that eliminates the yellow or blue tinge to give you a bright and vibrant color palette with every marker, pencil, or paintbrush. We have crafted it from heavyweight 160gsm acid-free medium-textured papyrus, so your drawings will be smooth and look terrific!

With twin wire spiral binding, the sheets lay flat as you draw without needing a ton of tape. The size is valid at 9 x 12 micro-perforated, ensuring that no sheet gets damaged when removed from the book, even if your last page is ripped out by mistake!


7. Speedball Travelogue

If you’re looking for a sketching journal that’s mid-range in weight but still excellent quality, the Speedball Travelogue Mixed Media Sketchbook is just what you need. Contact paper dots on the spine make it easy to keep your journal tabbed and ready for whatever project you’re working on!

This journal contains 32 sheets of heavyweight 130gsm paper-not too thin or too thick! The cover is made with finely woven European book cloth with rounded corners, perfect for carrying around without worrying about bending it out of shape.

Speedball Travelogue

8. Ohuhu Mix Media Pad

The Ohuhu Mix Media Pad is a grid-bound drawing book for artists and creatives alike. This set of pads comes with 156 pages to explore your professional or beginner creativity, featuring a double-sided texture for all sorts of styles, including sketches, stippling, drawing manga cartoons, still-life drawings, and more!

The Ohuhu Mix Media Pad makes an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys creating images from their imagination or looking for something brand new to try out.

The mixed media pad is medium-sized, so it’s an easy, durable way to get your drawings on social media without cropping. You can still draw with markers or paint pens because the paper is thick enough to prevent bleeding.

The pad is compact and portable for carrying around in backpacks. We give you a soft writing mat that you can put between the page when drawing–so it won’t ruin your creation just by rubbing up against other papers or items in your bag!

Ohuhu Mix Media Pad

9. Leda Art Supply

This Leda Art Supply mixed-media sketchbook is 5.7 x 8.25 inches, handy, and quite enough for brainstorming, doodles, diary entries, treat lists, or artist leaps of faith!

A handy hardcover with 102 sheets per notebook that are strong but still delicate enough to allow light watercolor washes when appropriately used with high-quality pencils, ink pens, or charcoal sticks!

Best mixed media sketchbook

10. Sophies Mixed Media Pad

Sophie’s Mixed Media Pad is an inviting place for your imagination to come to life. Suitable for watercolors, acrylics, oils, and more, it resists fading and boasts durable paper that won’t buckle or tear easily under heavy paint mixes or erasing techniques. Available in various colors, there’s no limit to the types of art you can create with this pad.

Wire binding allows instant access to each sheet, so you can frame them individually without ripping them all off at once! Carry it everywhere with ease thanks to its convenient size that fits into bags easily. It has 90 sheets of 5.5 x 8.5 in three 30-sheet pads, three packs per order!

Sophies Mixed Media Pad

11. LYTek Mixed Media

The Lytek Mixed Media is an 80lb./128gsm medium-weight thick paper. The Lytek Mixed Media Sketchbook is specifically designed for sketching, drawing, and light washes painting. Every page is perforated so that your artwork can be detached quickly and safely, yet it has a stiffer feel to make marker work easier than pastels or pens. It’s an acid-free paper, which preserves your position for extended periods because they are lignin-free, pigment inkjet printable surfaces.

 LYTek Mixed Media


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