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Digitalheartists provides advices trivias and information for digital, traditional artists, web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers and more. Keeping our readers updated motivated and educated.

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Daryl Navarro | Ninja

Soon to be Hokage

Henzon Llarves | SEO Specialist

Henzon Llarves is an expert when it comes to digital marketing. He is currently the CEO of FulogicHardware

Jazmine Calixtro

Jazmine Calixtro | Content Specialist

Joy Contreras

Joy Contreras | Content Specialist

Jay Taguiam | Marketing Specialist

Jay Taguiam is the Marketing Specialist, He bagged tons of awards for designing, sketching, and anything that involves art. Artistic, optimistic, and original, currently working as a digital marketer at Toyota Tarlac