Best Apps to Turn Photo into Painting: Fast and Easy

Best Apps to Turn Photo into Painting: Fast and Easy

We all want to impress our friends and family with a fantastic photo. What better way to do so than by turning it into a painting? Many apps allow you to transform your photos into images, but which one is the best?

We put together 6 of the best applications for us in this blog post for anyone who wants the answer!

Here’s our list of the best apps to turn a photo into a painting:

  1. PicsArt
  2. Waterlogue
  3. Portrait Painter
  4. Brushstroke
  5. Pikazo
  6. Prisma


PicsArt App

Best Tool in the Drawings & Illustrations Category on Google Play

The best photo editor with painting effects. It was drawn by artists for artists and will enable you to edit photos like a pro! PicsArt transforms your phone into a superimposed canvas where any image can be turned into art. If you’ve ever wanted to retouch photos professionally or just make them fun again, this app is for you.

Surprise your family and friends with mind-blowing drawings in their group selfies. This is an app that has several tools to help you turn photos into paintings.

It also allows users to edit the photos with various filters and effects, but it does not include many of the editing features found in other apps like Prisma or Waterlogue.


Pikazo App

This app is a great choice for anyone looking to turn photos into paintings. It has some unique tools that allow you to transform the photo by adding new colors and removing others from different parts of it.

Is your creative impulse helplessly trapped behind the keyboard of your computer?

As an artistic innovator, you know that sometimes words just can’t do justice to your art. Pikazo was launched with the aim of giving more people the ability to express themselves creatively through painting by turning their photos into beautiful artwork.

We were tired of waiting for our creativity to explode before taking any action, so we decided to make things happen ourselves. Whether you want a canvas print for your living room, oil paintings on stretched canvas for an office meeting space, or hand-painted sketches on paper as gifts, Pikazo has got it covered!


Waterlogue App

The application includes some basic tools for enhancing images prior to creating a painting from them, very similar to PicsArt. However, there are no artistic brushes available on this one, which means all your art will be created automatically without any customization needed on your part at all!

Let your photos transform into masterpieces of art!

This app combines the watercolor medium with either a photo or an artistic drawing. It can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations and has over 300 filters, effects, and textures to further customize the design. Users can then share it on social media, save it for posterity, or create a canvas print with framing options.

Portrait Painter

Portrait Painter App

Are you looking for a nostalgic and artistic way to turn your favorite photos into paintings and prints? Convert and print your photos with Portrait Painter!

Simply take a selfie or upload an action, choose from our 19 different styles of painting, and we’ll do the rest. With over 30 million users worldwide, we’re the number one app for turning any photo into art — just like those famous portraits by Leonardo Da Vinci.

A portrait painter does more than just convert images to oil paint; it’s a complete package that includes some special effect options that can make your image look even more realistic.


Brushstroke App

Brushstroke is a mobile application that allows you to transform your phone’s camera into a painting brush. Once the app is open, press and hold your finger anywhere on the screen to “paint” using color from around you.

No photo without an artsy new filter! Brushstroke takes the idea of editing photos by adding filters and enhancing their contrast, hue, or texture one step further by giving users a paintbrush for a pad. Simply touch the screen with any object—especially iOS compatible—to sweep shapes in colorful strokes across photographs from Instagram, Instagram Story viewers, as well as those taken on phones themselves.

This is a great tool that allows users to add different types of artistic effects to photos, including oil paint and watercolor. It also includes some tools for designing new brushes to use with your photo if you want!


Prisma has revolutionized the way we think of photography; not only is it about capturing moments, but also making beautiful artworks. Prisma opens a world where you’re welcome to snap and use algorithms like never before: gradient textures and painterly strokes will put your vision on canvas in seconds.

Take endless selfies without borders or pick up people’s favorite shots from Instagram; paint portraits with famous paintings or turn your selfie into watercolor art!

With an online gallery, plenty of social media options (Facebook, Twitter), and the ability to share direct-to-message (Instagram, Snapchat), Prisma provides you with everything you need to remember every occasion as the most sentimental moment.

This app makes images look just like they’re out of a painting. Prisma is different from other apps in that it uses neural network technology to apply its effects, which can make your photos very realistic looking! It’s also fun to use because the scenes are constantly changing every time you open up this application.

Here’s our takedown for mobile art applications:

1. Why are mobile apps so popular for digital art?

Because they are easy to use. They are available on any device, and you can always have them with you.

2. The benefits of using a mobile app instead of traditional methods

Mobile apps are lightweight, easy to use, and available on any device. They can be used anytime, anywhere.

3. How to create your own digital artwork with the help of a mobile application.

Find a photo you want to turn into an artwork. Upload it to your mobile app and choose the desired effects. You can also adjust how much of each effect is applied, as well as its intensity. As soon as the work is done, save it!

4. Tips and tricks on how to make your work look professional and clean.

Keep in mind that most mobile apps only support simple filters, so the more complex effects are not available. As for content creation, you can always use text and stickers to decorate your work!


Whether you’re looking for an easy way to turn photos into paintings, or just want a new digital art project, try out these 6 apps that allow you to do it in minutes. We hope this list has helped inspire your next creative endeavor!

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