8 Best Passive Income Ideas for Photographers

8 Best Passive Income Ideas for Photographers

Hey there, are you a photographer finding ways to earn passive income? Did you know there are ways you can make money by doing what you love?

How can you earn passively as a photographer? This guide features flexible and straightforward ways to earn passively while working as a photographer. If you are a beginner or a professional, this is an excellent start. Allow us to begin by capturing this moment.

Rent Your Camera or Gears

Your Camera
Photo from Unsplash: @lzhang

Do you have an extra camera, or do you not have any clients for a week? Don’t worry; you can make money by renting out your equipment. In addition, having extra cameras, tripods, lighting, and other expensive photographic equipment allows you to earn money by lending it to friends or trusted customers. 

Renting out your photographic equipment is an excellent method to generate passive cash. And what’s nice about this strategy is that it’s both profitable and fast. All you need to do is contact your friend’s neighbors and schedule a time where you can show them how to use it.

Many photographers are always looking for new ways to make money from their passion. One great way to do this is by renting out your camera or gear to those who need them.

This can be a great source of passive income, and it can also help you meet new people and network with other professionals in your field. There are a few things to keep in mind when renting out your equipment, such as making sure that you have insurance in case of any damage or theft.

You’ll also want to set clear rental terms and conditions so that you and the renter are clear on what is expected. If you’re looking for a great way to generate extra income, consider renting out your camera or gear. It’s a great way to create Passive Income Ideas for Photographers.


The Blogging
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Creating a blog is about more than just “blogging.” It’s also about driving traffic to your website. Conduct keyword research to learn what works and what doesn’t. And it may be an excellent method to establish an audience interested in your products and services, which you can then monetize in various ways, such as Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, and others. 

So, if you are confident in your writing abilities, know how to answer photography-related issues, put them on paper, and have the know-how to provide solutions, Starting a blog would be fantastic. You can either write about your photography or, if you have artistic hands, you can write about something else too.

Passive Income Ideas for Photographers is a blog that offers creative ways for photographers to make money. The site was started by two professional photographers looking for ways to make money from their passion. Since then, the blog has grown exponentially, and it now features a wide range of Passive Income ideas for photographers of all levels.

So whether you’re a beginner looking for ways to get started or a seasoned pro looking for additional income streams, Passive Income Ideas for Photographers has something for everyone. The site is updated regularly with new content, so you’ll always access the latest and most fantastic ideas.

Print on Demand Website
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If you’re a photographer, you may be looking for ways to earn some passive income. Print on demand is an excellent option for photographers who want to sell their work without dealing with the hassle of printing and shipping orders themselves.

With print on demand, you can create an online store where customers can purchase prints of your photos. Then, when a customer places an order, the print-on-demand service will take care of printing and shipping the order for you.

You’ll need to upload your photos to the print on demand website and set your prices. This is a great way to earn passive income from your photography without putting in a lot of extra work. Plus, it’s a great way to get your work out there and in front of potential customers.

You can try Printful, Printify, Redbubble, TeeSpring, and much more.

Freelance your skills

Freelancing Your Skills
Photo from Unsplash: @Keenan Beasley

Offering your services with freelance websites is another way to go passive; it doesn’t need adverts, and it doesn’t need to look for clients. We will list many freelance websites for photographers and what we think would be best for you.


Let’s say you are great at editing photos and have some background in graphics design. You can offer a lot of gigs on Fiverr and let businesses come to you. Make sure to optimize your gigs and let them know your skills.


You can also earn passively by offering your editing services here on Legiit. It has a great online community, and the founder is active. So you can bring your photo and video editing to the next level here in Legiit.


It’s a new freelance platform, so there’s no need to worry too much about competition, have an excellent user experience, and offers your editing services and other skills you can do to earn a passive income.


Do you have some photo editing software skills you can share with the world? Well, Brybe is a great platform to showcase that talent too! Offer some fantastic services, and you will be good to go!

Affiliate Marketing

As we mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online as a photographer. It allows you to earn a steady income, and it also enables you to get in touch with new clients.

There are lots of businesses and websites that offer affiliates excellent compensation. Let us take the Amazon affiliate program, for example. You can write about “best cameras under 500 dollars” or “best tripods for your specific camera.” You review products that you know are good and what work could be easy for you as a photographer.

Not only are you helping people by providing quality reviews, but you also receive a commission every time someone clicks on your links is a great way to generate passive income.

Becoming an affiliate marketer can earn you passive income over time. Initially, it will require a lot of effort and time, but it can generate another income stream depending on your niche and the products you will recommend.


Royalties are a reliable way to earn a passive income as a photographer. Organizations and companies will pay royalties for quality photos and videos that they can use to cover their commercials, presentations, advertisements, and displays.

You can enjoy your royalties as long as those organizations and companies use your photos and videos. You can take various photos or videos for different companies to earn royalties. This generates more passive income for you. So sit back, relax and let your efforts provide you with passive income.

Sell Stock Photos and Videos

If you are currently a photographer, you indeed have a lot of photos and videos on your cameras that you don’t plan to use.

Do you know? Can you sell those photos and videos to earn money passively? Selling stock photos and videos is an excellent way to make passive income. If you have a lot of pictures and videos lying around, you can upload them under Shutterstock or iStockPhoto.


Shutterstock is a great website to upload your stock photos and clips that will pay good money for your videos and pictures.

You can sell your best photos or random ones. You can also make videos and sell them straight on the internet. You can pick your favorite themes. If you want to make even more money, you can consider selling them on different websites, such as


Etsy is an excellent marketplace for creatives just like you. If some fees don’t bother you, you can give it a try. Etsy works almost precisely the same way as eBay so that you will like it immediately.

Getty Images

Here’s another website where you can store your stock photos and earn money passively. This site is so different from others because you can sell royalty-free images and clips and the music you have created here.


You can store your photos in your account on the website, just like Shutterstock, and earn a large percentage of every purchase.

Also, consider uploading on Unsplash and Pexels and letting generous people give you awesome tips.


NFT HornyAliens

Are you familiar with Bitcoin? Well, that is just one of the various cryptocurrencies out there! Do you know some photographs and digital art can be sold here for as many as a million dollars? Yes, it might sound crazy, but it is revolutionizing many industries. You could sell your photos, videos, and GIFs to websites such as:

And much more!

Just make sure to mint your masterpiece and set auctions or define your price. Selling NFTs would be an excellent fit for you if you are into crypto, but if you’re not, that’s alright. I hope this article can help you grow as a photographer and a creative.


We listed the best ways to earn passively as a photographer, but still. Do you know any platforms where photographers can earn passive income? Do you have suggestions we could add to this list? Please share it with us, and let your camera witness your greatness.

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