8 Best Passive Income Ideas for Videographers

8 Best Passive Income Ideas for Videographers

Finding ways to earn money passively by not doing what you love is frustrating. Either you are a beginner or a Pro, we all want to put food on the table and to reward ourselves for doing a great job.

We’ve listed the top 8 best passive income ideas for you.

  1. Upload Stock Videos
  2. Freelance
  3. Rent Your Equipment
  4. Blogging
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. YouTube
  7. Create Social Media content
  8. Teach Online Courses

Upload Stock Videos

Most of the time we don’t delete videos from our devices, and that’s alright! Because you can upload your extra clips you haven’t used.

Instead of deleting them why not try to earn from them right?

There are many websites where you can upload your videos like:

  • Pixabay
  • Shutterstock
  • Pexels
  • Videezy

And the list goes on.

Uploading videos may be too good to be true, our next on the list is


Freelancing for Videographers

Videography is an art, and there are many elements to it.

Shooting videos, Directing, Creating a story, and so on.

If you Edit Videos well this is a great way to earn that money.


Fiverr will always be on the list when it comes to freelancing because they changed the industry. From freelancers looking for clients and because of the clients will now look for you!

There are many ways to earn in Fiverr as a freelancer.

Just make sure your gig is unique and don’t be afraid to try something new.


Legiit is great for the overalls. Clearly one of the best freelancing websites for Beginners and Professionals that want to earn some extras. So as a videographer you can earn money on Legiit by posting your services. If you know how to edit videos and do animations then why not give it a try?


Wono is a new freelance platform and this could be a great start for you! Just make sure your services are original and you are good to go.

Rent Your Equipment

Renting the Videography Equipment

Videography may have a lot of gears and equipment. Instead of laying around, you could rent them instead. If you have an extra camera or don’t need to use them for a while, renting them is a great option because if you have lighting equipment, costumes, camera lenses, drones, and other videography tools are expensive and most people would rather rent them than to actually buy them.

It is a bit risky so make sure your equipment will be returned safely.


Shooting videos, creating stories, and many more. Videographers are spectacular! If you can shoot amazing angles and produce a story from clips then Blogging may be a great way for you to earn passively.

You can write about problems you’ve encountered as a videographer or tips and tricks you can share with other people.

With blogging, you can earn from Ads, Sponsors, and the next on the list, Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

There are tons of Affiliate Marketing websites for you to start your way to earn passively as a videographer. By affiliate marketing, you’ll get a commission once a viewer of your website either visits or buys a product.

You can write content about digital products, physical products, software, applications, and much more. And also you can do affiliates with Online Courses

Teach online course

Teaching Videography Online Course

Are you passionate about videography? Well, you can teach short courses or masterclasses. 

People nowadays want self-improvement, and with the power of the internet, it provides an opportunity for self-taught learning.

With so many people trying to hone their skills in videography, there’s room for you to market your expertise and make some passive income with online courses. Online Courses are a growing industry and the best thing is, you don’t need a diploma to teach. With your knowledge and experience as a videographer, you can use those and create your own online course and start teaching as early as today.

Create Social Media Content

Are you a fan of cat videos? Do you know reuploading?

Uploading videos on social media could be easy but earning from them is another thing. Luckily almost every social media platform offers ways you could earn by simply uploading your content videos.

Facebook has In-Stream Ads in Your Videos,

Tiktok has an ads platform

and other social media platforms.

Don’t know what to post? In social media, you can upload pretty much anything. You could try to do some quick tutorials or mini quicky (no, not that “quicky”.) lessons. Be creative and experiment with possibilities. 


YouTube we all know some vloggers who became extremely rich in youtube. But if your goal is just to earn passive income then you can try this out. You could create content about what you love the most, creating amazing videos.

You could share your masterpieces, teach some certain techniques, your strategies, tutorials, and even some tips and tricks. There are tons of ideas and we know you will be amazing with that. Make sure you tag us so we can watch your videos on youtube.

BONUS: NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace

Do you know some videos, photos and digital art can be sold in an NFT Marketplace?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token

You can sell your masterpieces by minting them and uploading them.

It’s either you sell them at a fixed price or you can try to auction.

Some NFT Marketplaces provide high gas fees so beware of that and also, make sure to put some royalties in each NFT.

You could sell your photos, videos, GIFs to websites such as:






And much more! If you want us to post more about NFT send us a request and feedback.

Do you know other ways to earn passively as a videographer?

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