Cursive Font Generators

Cursive Font Generators


Aren’t we all amazed by the calligraphies and cursive handwriting of other people? Have you ever asked yourself why haven’t you got those skills they have in writing? Well, if you cannot do it with your own hand, might as well do it on your own computer.

You can stop fretting about acquiring calligraphy skills that takes away a lot of money and time, and start searching sites with cursive translators or generators. 

We have plenty of sites that transform your regular plain texts into fancy ones in just a couple of seconds and clicks away.

We will be listing 10 of the best sites we have encountered and will be categorizing them into Real-Time Tranlators and Customizable Cursive Generators.

First off, the five best Real-Time Translators; Lingo Jam, YayText, FontGet (IG Fonts), Capitalize My Title and Qwerty.Dev. These are called Real-Time Translators because the result/s will be generated the moment you provide texts into the entry section which will serve as the stimulus of the result that usually takes up to a second or three in maximum.

Lingo Jam

We may say that this is the simplest yet efficient among the translators. In just a second, you will be given a real-time results in normal and bold cursive that is ready to acknowledge the copy and paste function. As this is the simplest, the creators seek for the improvement of their product as they include suggestion box in their site. 


this is almost the same as Lingo Jam but with ‘’Preview’’ and ‘’Tweet’’ additional features, which gives you the compatibility impression of the result that will be possibly pasted on different devices and social media and lets you directly tweet the generated result to your twitter account.

FontGet (IG Fonts)

this has the feature that specifically works for Instagram posts and bio. There will be 65 results to be generated and all you must do is click the copy symbol next to your preferred result, then it is already on your clipboard ready to be pasted out on Instagram.

Capitalize My Title

there are labels as Input and Output, in which the Output is the result of your translation that varies in eight different styles. Within their default page, you can see the other generators they are providing for their users.


this is mainly to be used in social media posts and other sites online. Once you click the preferred result, a pop-up notification will be visible to notify you that the generated text is copied to your clipboard and is ready to use. The site will also direct you to their other text generators which can be of used, as well.

For the other category, we have the Customizable Cursive Generators; Font Space, Font Meme, The Word Finder, Font-Generator and SunCatcherStudio. From the word customizable itself, before saving the result, you can customize the other features of the fonts for its advanced look. This is mainly used in cards and invitations.

Font Space

there are 2,563 types of fonts, categorized into at least 30 styles (such as but not limited to Thick Cursive, Casual Cursive, Cursive Calligraphy, Feminine Cursive, Cursive Swash). Before saving the result, you can customize its size and color. You can even sort out the fonts for easier access of your preferred type.

Font Meme

there are around 145 fonts that can be used here, before generating the result, you can customize the font size, color and as well as the effect of the text. Even without clicking the generate button, the results will be given in a span of three seconds.

The Word Finder

this site offers eight different styles of cursive, and lets you customize alignment before saving the result.


there are four steps to summarize this site, but this is almost the same as the sites above, it is just sorted out into four steps to emphasize the customization. But the difference of this site is you can save the result in gif and pdf formats. 


this site differs for the customizable part of the font. It focuses on the customization of the tail/swash at the end of the word. Also, it lets you select frames or background for your text. The result can also be saved in pdf format.


With these cursive font generators/translators that we have listed, you can worry no more if you don’t have that fancy handwriting like others.

For just a couple of seconds and clicks away, you can make fancy letters without using papers and pens, but make it look as if you have used such because of the human-ness of the strokes.

Tell us which of these sites have you already encountered.

And let us know which of the listed above is the best generator/translator for you.