Photoshop Alternatives That Are Both Free and Good

Photoshop Alternatives That Are Both Free and Good

Photoshop is an excellent program for editing images and creating digital art, but it is also expensive. For those of you looking for free alternatives that still offer the same features as Photoshop, we’ve listed some programs for you to try.

Let’s talk about you and your journey with Photoshop Alternatives.

A significant downside to Photoshop is that it’s only available on the computer.
This doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with your images there. Still, alternatives are necessary for specific tasks and projects if Photoshop isn’t an option or is too complicated of a process. Regularly used programs include MS Paint (a painting program), Gimp, and similar tools from companies like Corel Draw.

What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a commercial digital art software program produced by Adobe. It has been around for many years and is currently the industry standard for creating digital images and graphics. However, it can be expensive to buy Photoshop, with a price tag of at least $700 (though you might get one bundled with other things like video editing software).

Why do people use Photoshop?

Photoshop is used for many reasons. Some people use it to create art, some to create web pages, and others still use Photoshop for video editing.

Why not use Photoshop substitutes?

Photoshop is great, but it can be costly, especially if you are not using it for work. It has also been around for so long that people think that GIMP (which is free) alternatives will never match its power and quality. However, this isn’t true, as many good Photoshop alternatives give the same results at a much lower price.


This open-source software has been around since 1995 and contains many tools that allow you to do anything from simple photo retouching to 3D rendering. It’s not as user-friendly as Photoshop, but it should be worth the time investment if you’re on a tight budget.


Similar to the GIMP, Inkscape uses vector graphics, allowing scalability as bitmap software does without losing quality. It’s a great alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator, but it’s slightly more complicated than most users would like it to be.


Inkscape uses vector graphics, allowing scalability, as bitmap software does without losing quality. It’s a great alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator, but it’s slightly more complicated than most users would like it to be.


Similar to FreeCAD, Sketchup is an easy-to-use but powerful application for making models of everything from houses to small-scale objects such as cabinets or tables. It is best used for architectural design but can also be helpful in other areas.


Blender is the most advanced open-source graphic design application on this list and one of the most complicated. It has been used to create movies, video games, and even entire cars, but it can be difficult for users new to the program.
However, if you have a little patience and are looking for something compelling, Blender is the way to go.


Krita is a compelling painting application that works similarly to Photoshop, with layers and customizable brushes. However, it also lets you animate your paintings so they can come to life and create anything from short animations to intro sequences for your videos or even entire animated shorts.
It can be a bit complicated, but it’s such an advanced tool that the time investment is well worth it if you’re looking to do something like a digital painting instead of photo editing or graphic design work.


This online editor is highly similar to Photoshop in its functionality. It has pretty much all of the tools that Photoshop does and even some extras like blur effects, color replacement, perspective correction, and more! Still, it runs through your web browser, so you don’t have to download files or pay for subscriptions.

The pros and cons of using a free alternative to Photoshop

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Photoshop alternatives. People will have different needs and preferences, so you’ll need to find which software best suits your work or art style.

PROS: You’ll learn new software, and you could hone those skills and monetize them without paying subscription fees. You might even become a better artist or designer in the process!

Free software is not always as powerful as some free alternatives. Some free options have limited features, so you’ll need to be careful about your choice before purchasing them. If your work requires complicated artwork full of details, then you’ll probably want to stick with Photoshop for now.

There are some features that only Adobe Photoshop can do (but that doesn’t mean other software can’t do it).

PROS: It’s free and has more features than you can imagine.

You might need time to get used to the software, or it can be buggy depending on how old it is (but it’s still better than paying for a subscription).

PROS: It’s fast at rendering images compared to Photoshop. If that matters, it also uses less power from your computer’s processing speed.

Based on my work needs, which free alternative would be best for me, based on my work needs?

If you aim to make art and drawings, the best alternative would be Krita, which has many great tools like a brush engine. If you need something with more effects and filters, then Pixlr Express+ might suit your needs better, as it includes over 500 presets that can help improve or enhance images.

For those working in video, there are apps available online, such as Magisto Video Editor, if all you’re looking for is an easy way of creating videos without spending too much time editing software.
It also makes good quality finished products, only seconds long per video.
Using free alternatives may take some getting used to, but I assure you that they will give out similar results to Photoshop once mastered.


There are many powerful photo editing tools available to use at no cost. We’ve shared some of our favorite free alternatives to Photoshop in this blog post, and we hope you find them helpful! If you want more resources on the subject or want to join our Facebook community for future posts, join our group below.