The 7 Cheapest GPS Camera Drone: Under 200$

The 7 Cheapest GPS Camera Drone: Under 200$

Drones are a hot topic these days, and with good reason. Drones have been used to film incredible events, such as the Olympics, but they’re also perfect for any hobbyist who wants to fly around and take pictures or videos! They can provide a fantastic view of the world from a perspective we never see.

This article will share my top picks for drones under $200. At the end of the list, we prepared some FAQs and a buying guide.

If this is your first time buying an aerial quadcopter, we suggest starting small, like getting something under 100 dollars, but if you want more of a challenge, I would recommend going around $200, depending on how skilled of a pilot is you are.

Here are our 7 Best GPS Camera Drones under 200$:



This breathtakingly impressive drone features a 90° adjustable angle 2K camera and a 5G WiFi high-speed image transmission of up to 984 ft without delay, there’s no more waiting for your images.

The X5 Epik’s battery life on this drone can last up to 40 minutes, and it recharges quickly through a USB Type C port—you’ll never get out of your head traveling time again. Plus, with its GPS positioning and emergency autopilot system (it will notify you if there’s low signal or power), there’s finally an end to crashing yet still having fun hovering around like a clueless bachelor.

Great for all skill levels

Do you know what’s better than a selfie? An Epic drone selfie. The X5 comes equipped with “follow me” settings, allowing you to guide the drone by tapping where you want it to go and take perfect selfies no matter how the wind blows. So, grab your friends and hit the outdoors because this selfie experience is out of this world!

And when it finally starts getting dark outside, that won’t be much of an issue for the X5 either-its built-in 6-axis gravity sensor can sense poor weather conditions and automatically avoid them! There are also three different flight speeds (beginner, normal and expert), so there will always be one available for you no matter your skill level.

Potensic T25 Drone

Potensic T25 Drone

The Potensic T25 Drone is the newest compact drone from Potensic, with a 2K camera to catch every desirable angle. If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s more of a toy, check out this straightforward option that comes in both black and silver.

Even if you’re new to aerial flights, it has a headless mode and one key takeoff/landing feature for easier access. A 120-degree FOV gives your photos more precise shots with a 75° adjustable wide-angle lens explicitly developed for better transmission over a WiFi connection.

Features Dual GPS

The drone will stand still in the wind and automatically return home when low power, weak signal, or loss of control. 

The T25 drone also supports Follow Me mode, which allows you to free your hands. In contrast, our smart device automatically follows up with an attached camera, capturing all photos and videos at once without lifting a finger! That’s not all; it also activates with the customized flight path function. Your T25 drone flies as wanted-all inclusive. Alongside safety features like dual GPS systems and auto-return home when less power is available,

Another GPS Camera Drone from Potensic,

Potensic D58

Potensic D58

The Potensic D58 is your perfect companion to take on short trips without needing to carry around a bulky travel bag. This drone features double batteries for up to 36 minutes of flight time, freeing you from the burden of constantly worrying about battery life if you’re planning an excursion just outside town or abroad.

This incredible drone is perfect for people of all skill levels! Expert level features include 3-speed modes for pilots at different proficiency levels, one-button return, low battery alarm, and out-of-control protection. The 5G WiFi camera angles are 120° for more immersive shots and 90° if you prefer something closer-up with crisp detail.

Beginner Friendly

There’s an easy mode button that makes takeoff and landing so much easier for beginners who are just getting the hang of flying a drone or kids who want to get in on the fun.

Think of this as a selfie drone, but with an upgrade. Orbit mode lets the D58 take a complete 360-degree panoramic picture without logging off for a break. It doesn’t only follow you around-it gets close to capturing all the beautiful moments around you! The high-definition camera can take photos and video from up to 98 feet away from your remote location, so now you ensure that those distant relatives never miss out on those special memories.



This industrial-grade drone is great for photographers, videographers, and more. The LMRC is Equipped with a 2K HD camera to take more explicit photos and videos from an elevated point of view; This drone allows you to get precise measurements without climbing the facility yourself.

The LMRC drones are also equipped with 5G signal transmission technology that offers a much stronger connection than previous generations, resulting in a smoother live feed on your mobile app screen.

Low on Battery? No Problem!

Even better is that when you encounter reception problems, or the power runs out while flying, this drone will come back before it gets lost forever! Just press the return button, and the LM01 drone will automatically start its return program; no need to worry about crashing into things during flight.

Tomzon D40 Drone 

Tomzon D40 Drone 

With brushless motors for more extended performance, less maintenance, and less noise, the Tomzon D40 drone takes supersonic flights to a whole new level. With freedom from traditional batteries that wear out over time, modular design allows more power at lower consumption rates, meaning supersized flight time of up to 27 minutes per charge.

Great for beginners, the Tomzon D40 Drone is easy to use. It uses optical flow and an intelligent air pressure system that automatically adjusts altitude while flying and shooting, so you can focus on capturing images. This drone hovers automatically if you lose track of its location, making it perfect for newbies.

The Tomzon D40 drone has a complete set of new and innovative functions that make it more stable and easy to use than any other drone on the market. It is equipped with GPS and GLONASS positioning, Follow Me mode for capturing action shots, HD live streaming of 720p/30fps footage directly to your phone, and intelligent flight modes like Orbit and Circle.

Great for Aerial shots

So, you want a bird’s-eye view in a quickly shrinking world. Capture your day-to-day moments from new heights with an aerial camera for sharper images and more straightforward perspectives. Easily capture beautiful angles disappearing down below or ones flying high overhead. With this drone, take to the skies in a way never before possible and soar into a better future.

And when you fly low to the ground, it automatically follows your every move, even changing direction or altitude-keeping you always in a frame or at eye level if needed. 126 mph maximum airspeed, but only 3 seconds from takeoff! That’s twice as fast as many other drones on the market today!

Le-idea IDEA21

Le-idea IDEA21

The IDEA21 has a one-key return drone and headless mode, so you’ll never have to worry about your orientation again. It has an emergency stop feature and even has an automated no-signal return that will gently bring it back home with just the click of a button by you!

This IDEA21 drone is competent and versatile, doing everything from capturing breathtaking video and panoramic photos like a pro to letting beginners explore the skies safely.

Long-Range Transmission

With a 120° wide-angle 4K camera and a 32GB memory card, you’ll always have plenty of room for those memories under the sun. Plus, more people are ready than ever before because this drone is so easy to control on your phone or remote through its dynamic stabilization system for smoother videos and images during capture! The remote control distance is 200-300m, getting 4K HD long-distance shooting and real-time transmission.



A high-quality drone for outdoor entertainment, The LOPOM JX01 is only about the size of your hand so you can carry it around with ease. It is equipped with fun features, such as headless mode and a key return button, to get you back home safely so you can enjoy more uninterrupted time exploring new things in life. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to fly freely through the air on a toy that promotes active free play and won’t break if it falls off your counter height! The fuselage is made out of ABS, which has undergone rigorous collision tests and comes out unscathed even after being seemingly destroyed by dropping it. If that doesn’t tell you how sturdy it is, nothing will!

Simple controls and User Friendly

The LOPOM JX01 drone has a headless mode that doesn’t require the user to keep it facing one direction. It’s easy to use and control. Throwing drones can be operated from any position, meaning you don’t have to worry about which side of the aircraft is your front or back as long as there is a GPS connection with your remote controller.

You will enjoy these benefits because this nifty little device makes every operation straightforward for beginners and advanced fliers! In addition, The LOPOM JX01 can ascend, descend, and ascend/descend profile switch according to user commands.

When its weight reaches less than 1 kg, it successfully enters into a hovering state automatically without input from the remote control. If sufficient power remains after hovering it up into the air is all you need to do for a smooth launch. It also has one key return function that makes sure you can get your drone back safely even if something goes wrong mid-flight.

One of the most innovative features of this drone is its two 4K cameras. Don’t worry about forgetting your camera ever again; shockproof it! There’s also an HD 720p camera on the bottom that ensures you capture even more–even when your phone isn’t in use.

Frequently asked questions

What is Drone with GPS?

The GPS feature allows you to fly the drone efficiently and accurately. It can hover in place, making it ideal for shooting great photos and videos, especially when the environment is windy.

The best thing about this camera drone with GPS is that its altitude hold mode empowers users to take aerial shots even if they are beginners without much experience flying drones. Furthermore, the headless mode provides additional flexibility while flying the quadcopter. Other features, such as the one-key return home function, help save your time and energy by bringing your device back automatically after completing tasks like taking images or recording video footage from the air.

How to choose your first drone?

To choose your first drone, you should consider the primary purpose of flying it. You can buy a cheap drone for indoor or beginner use and those with advanced features suitable for outdoor use. In addition, the price varies according to the size and complexity of the design, so beginners are advised to go for low-cost devices with fewer functions in order not to invest much money on sophisticated drones that they cannot control properly.

Why should I buy a drone with GPS over other types of drones?

To find the best quadcopter with GPS, you should consider what you would use it for. The GPS feature allows you to fly the drone efficiently and accurately. It can hover in place, making it ideal for shooting great photos and videos, especially when the environment is windy.

The best thing about this camera drone with GPS is that its altitude hold mode empowers users to take aerial shots even if they are beginners without much experience flying drones. Furthermore, the headless mode provides additional flexibility while flying the quadcopter.


One major downside is that the GPS unit draws power from your device’s battery, which means you will have a lower flight time if you choose drones with GPS. Moreover, the best camera drones with GPS may cost more, but it’s worth it since they come packed with better features, for example, an attached camera or extra batteries, etc.

What should I consider before buying my first quadcopter? 

To buy your first quadcopter, you should consider all expenses involved and their value and performance quality. For instance, most good products tend to be costly. Therefore, beginner pilots are advised against opting for expensive drones with high-end features to not invest much money on sophisticated devices that they cannot control properly.

The next thing you need to do is check for warranty and spare parts availability, so if something gets damaged or broken during the flight, you can easily replace it without incurring extra costs. 

Finally, considering customer reviews is highly advised before buying anything, especially when talking about electronic items such as drones. Most people share their opinions online, which helps others choose good quality products at decent rates.

Is it important for me to have a built-in camera on my new drone or attach an existing one?

Most drones come with built-in cameras, so investing in one is unnecessary. Still, if you want more precise images and explicit videos, an attached camera is highly recommended. 

However, if your device doesn’t have a mounted camera, consider buying a gimbal, to stabilize the footage during the flight.

What are some other features I should look at?

There are several other features that you should consider before buying a new quadcopter. First of all, it’s essential to find out if the model is returning home safely, plus there are drones that have an altitude hold mode, for example, or headless mode so that they can fly both indoors and outdoors with ease. 

For more precise control over your device, some models come equipped with a “follow me” feature where their GPS allows them to track the movement of their owner automatically without any need for remote control. Lastly, we advise against opting for expensive products because cheaper alternatives perform just as well but at lower rates.


The 7 Cheapest GPS Camera Drone for under 200$ will help you take your aerial photography to the next level. We’ve put together some of our favorite drones on sale right now. For those looking for an affordable way to get into drone flying. Or who is shopping around and wants a good deal? If you like what we have here, make sure to join our community of artists from all over the world!