The 8 Best Pens for Digital Art

The 8 Best Pens for Digital Art

If you’re a digital artist, then the best pens for digital art will be different from what other people need. You want your pen to have a lot of precision and fine lines while still being comfortable in your hand. This blog post will talk about eight different cells that can help you achieve these goals.

What are digital art pens?

Digital art pens are small devices that can use with tablets or smartphones to help you draw digitally. They often require Bluetooth connectivity to know what part of the device’s screen you’re using, but not all digital art pens work this way.

How to choose the best digital art pen for you?

It would help if you bought a digital art pen depending on what you want to use it. If you’re looking for something with great precision and accuracy, then choose one of the pens that has a pressure-sensitive tip, like Bamboo Fineline or Apple Pencil. However, if your hand tends to cramp up when holding smaller objects, try out Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus, so you don’t experience any discomfort while drawing!

Our Top 8 Best Digital Art Pens

Microsoft Surface Pen

The Microsoft Surface Pen has an excellent design that is very comfortable in your hand while also being precise for digital art. It requires a Bluetooth connection to use the pen on its own. However, it comes with many different accessories (including interchangeable tips), so you can make the most of this pen without buying anything else extra.


Apple’s Pencil works exclusively with their iPad Pro devices and lets you get great precision from your device by having full palm rejection technology built into it. That makes the Apple Pencil one of the best pens for digital art because it doesn’t require any setup or configuration to work. However, not everyone will afford an iPad Pro just to draw digitally!


wacom digital art stylus

The Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus is one of the best digital art pens because it has a pressure-sensitive tip that lets you control how thick your lines are when drawing. It also works with both Macs and Windows PCs, so if you’re looking for an all-around great pen that will work on everything, then this is something to consider seriously.


This Bamboo Fineline gets its name by having thin or thicker lines just by applying more or less pressure to the screen while using the device. The fine point makes it excellent for detail-oriented drawings, but some people might find their hands cramping up after a while from holding such a tiny pen, so be wary!

Neo smartpen N2

The Neo smartpen N-two is a writing device that lets you digitize your notes and drawings with the touch of a button. It works by having special paper for this pen, which can be downloaded online. This feature allows you to get very accurate results when drawing. It uses Bluetooth technology and specially designed paper to make sure everything comes out looking just right!


Adobe’s Ink & Slide works much like the Microsoft Surface Pen in that they both require Bluetooth connectivity for them to work. However, Adobe has created an app specifically for their digital art pens, so they’re more accessible than ever before to use! If you already have one of Adobe’s tablets, then this might be worth checking out.


The Adonit Jot Script is one of the best pens for digital art because it has an excellent precision tip that’s also very lightweight. It doesn’t require Bluetooth connectivity as some other pens do, which means you can switch back and forth between your Windows PC and Mac without having to set anything up. At Wacom Bamboo Spark

Wacom Bamboo Ink

Wacom’s Bamboo Spark lets you digitize any handwritten notes with their special paper (which can be downloaded online), so everything turns out looking just as neat as if you typed it all up on a computer! That makes things easy when writing letters, stories, etc., but it’ll take away from the natural feeling of handwriting compared to traditional paper, so keep that in mind.

Best practices when using your new digital art pen:

Digital art pens work best with tablets rather than smartphones unless you have a case that lets you prop up your phone, like Apple’s Smart Case. Try to tilt the paper/tablet instead of moving the pen when drawing or writing something. Digital Art Pens can be very sensitive and sometimes require multiple attempts before they start working correctly, so keep trying and don’t give up if it doesn’t seem to be responding at first!


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