Get the Light Right: The Best Lamps for Artists

Get the Light Right: The Best Lamps for Artists

I get it: you’re an artist. This means that you make your living with the creative use of color and light. What happens when you can’t find the best lamp? What if you can’t even find a decent one? Shouldn’t this be an easy process? It should, but it’s not until now.

Anyone who is an artist or a designer will tell you that working at night can be pretty challenging. I found it easier to pick the best lamps for artists and designers online.

Now, there are two types of lights artists can benefit from drawing lights and desktop/table lamps. Some might prefer to work in total darkness, but for others, it’s just easier if there is a bit of ambient light in the room.

When looking for a lamp for your home or office, it can be hard to know what to look for. There are so many to choose from, and each one will have its pros and cons. That’s where I come in! I’ll tell you exactly what you need to look out for before making your purchase and show you my top picks.

Lamp Buying Guide – How to choose the suitable lamp if you are an artist or designer

Buying a lamp as an artist can be tricky, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. But with the correct information, it won’t be long before you find yourself sitting in the perfect light.

Here are some things you should consider when buying a lamp:

Lighting options

You’ll want to look for a lamp with multiple light settings so that you can adjust it according to your needs. For example, if you’re using watercolors or other wet media, you’ll probably want softer lighting so as not to dry out the colors too quickly.

However, if you’re painting with oils or acrylics, a brighter setting may be more beneficial because it allows you to see more detail in your work.

Color temperature

The light bulb’s color temperature is also critical because it affects how warm or cool your workspace feels.

You may want different temperatures depending on whether you’re working on a hot summer day or a cold winter one. Cooler colors are associated with wintertime colors like blue and green, while warmer colors are associated with summertime colors like yellow and orange. 


Brightness is probably the most essential factor when selecting a light bulb for your workspace. You’ll want one that’s bright enough to let you see your art clearly, but not so bright as to cause eye strain or headaches.


The size of the bulb will determine how much space it takes up in your lamp and how much light it provides.

If you have limited space, consider using smaller bulbs for small spaces like desks or workbenches. 

Ease of Use  

The best light bulbs for artists are easy to use. You don’t want to fuss with your lamp constantly, so look for a model with dimming and touch controls. 


The best light bulbs for artists are available in many wattages, so you can choose one that provides the right amount of brightness for your space.

The wattage measures how much energy the bulb uses and how bright it will be. It would be best to choose a bulb with the lowest wattage that still provides enough light for your workspace.


The best light bulbs for artists will be durable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. It means less time spent changing them out and more time using them.


The best light bulbs for artists are available at a range of prices, so you can choose one that fits within your budget. It’s essential to look at the overall value and not just the price tag when making your decision.

7 Best Lamps for Artists and Designers

1. BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp ‎9H.W3PWT.ASC (Best overall)

BenQ LED Desk Lamp 9H.W3PWT.ASC (Best overall)

The e-Reading lamp from BenQ features a design that resembles a smile, containing 36 LEDs evenly spread out across the curved bar.

It can quickly light the far corners of your desk with its bright yet warm glow. Equipped with a light sensor and touch controls, the automatic mode adjusts the lighting level based on the amount of ambient light in the room. 

The BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp features a sturdy, space-saving pedestal base and an energy-efficient LED that doesn’t get hot. It uses 1800 lux, CRI 95, 900 Lumens, 50000 hours of LED lifespan, and has a 35″ wide oval-shaped light range. The lamp also has 13 levels of color temperature (2700-5700K), 23 levels of adjustable brightness, and three highly flexible Swing Arm joints to offer you better flexibility.

The lamp is on the high end regarding price, but if you’re looking for a unique design, touch controls, and crisp, beautiful light—this may be just what you’re looking for!

2. Neatfi ‎9507LED-C (Brightest)

 Neatfi ‎9507LED-C (Brightest)

Looking for a lamp that creates a nice, bright, diffuse light over your working surface?

With this intelligent lamp, experience advanced technology since its lightning memory feature will keep track of the task lamp’s most recent light setting for increased convenience. You can easily alter the brightness setting or turn it on/off the bulb with its LED touch control.

Make your workspace efficient with the help of this LED touch control task lamp. The Neatfi touch lamp comes with a clamp for easy mounting to any of your workspaces to help maintain a clutter-free environment. Plus, it is equipped with an adjustable arm for use at different angles and locations.

Neatfi’s illuminating task lamp is also perfect for working on intricate details. It provides crystal clear light that does not strain the eyes and allows you to enjoy five brightness levels and vision protection. It has five brightness levels: 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%. And the less stress and headaches you have, the better!

3. Koncept AR3100-CD-SIL-DSK (Best for Shedding)

Koncept AR3100-CD-SIL-DSK (Best for Shedding)

Do you like an environmentally friendly and low-consumption lamp?

The AR3100 is equipped with a three-bar design for ultimate reach. The super-adjustable head can spin in its socket, sweep side to side, and rotate around the end of the arm to point in any direction. 

It is made from aluminum, and this fixture is eco-friendly and recyclable. Aside from the fact that it was constructed with fully-recyclable aluminum, they also used water-based paint, which is the most environmentally friendly paint option and has less odor.

Low power consumption and recyclable aluminum make it more efficient than other fixtures on the market. The integrated LED lighting does not contain mercury and contributes to LEED certification for sustainable building materials.

4. Koncept Lady 7 Floor Lamp L7-MBK-FLR (Best flexible)

Koncept Lady 7 Floor Lamp L7-MBK-FLR (Best flexible)

Are you looking for a lamp that is like the third one but more flexible?

One of our challenges today is having enough space for everything, especially for our electronics and workspace. The Koncept Lady 7 LED Lamp makes it easy to illuminate any area you need throughout the day AND doubles as a stylish modern lamp. 

The lamp also features a USB port and is fully adjustable to change the angle of the light as needed. If you want to maximize your workspace, the Koncept Lady 7 Floor Lamp with USB Charging Port is the perfect solution.

Its flexible joint allows you to bend it in any direction, so you can customize your light source as needed. It also features efficient LEDs, which produce little heat and allow you to use it safely without needing heat sink fins. 

The lamp’s straightforward design is functional and economical, and its fluorescent light strip is more durable than traditional light bulbs. 

5. Tenergy 11W 59079 (Best Dimmable)

Tenergy 11W 59079 (Best Dimmable)

If you don’t want too much brightness when it comes to lamps, this is for you!

LED technology is made to be comfortable for the eyes. You can change dimmable LED lighting to accommodate the room’s lighting requirements.

The result is a relaxing environment that supports the tasks you need to do. The decreased eye strain and enhanced lighting conditions will facilitate greater productivity and worker satisfaction.

Say goodbye to those bright, glaring lights and hello to the Tenergy 11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp. This energy-efficient light offers a stylish way to brighten your room with a light that’s also easy on your eyes, thanks to 530 lumens of energy-efficient light. 

The lamp can be dimmed using the touch sensor on the top of the light, allowing you to adjust between 5 different brightness levels. You can change the color temperature between 2700k and 5500k for a warm ambient light or cool white light.

The built-in USB port on the side allows you to charge your phone and mobile USB devices without plugging them into hard-to-reach places. The buyers also liked the portability and versatility of this product.

6. Phive CL-1 LED (Durable)

 Phive CL-1 LED (durable)

The Phive CL-1 LED Architect Desk Lamp comes in a sleek, brushed aluminum design with dimming touch control that allows you to achieve the needed brightness for your work.

This stylish and durable lamp is perfect for your home office. It has a modern design that will enable you to adjust the brightness of the light and its position to suit your convenience. It features a sleek surface, and its metal joints, arms, and clamp ensure durability.

This incredibly adjustable LED desk lamp provides soft light without ghosts, glare, or flicker. With built-in Ra85 high CRI LEDs, this lamp offers the perfect amount of light for reading, studying, and working on any project at your desk. It has various features, including energy-saving 90pcs of LED bulbs to ensure 50000 lifespans in the next 25 years, a 180°swivel lamp head, 16.3+16.3 inches adjustable metal arm, and a rotatable body. 

This lamp is perfect for any workspace or home office. It has a switch to turn it on and off and a dimmable touch control. It comes with a USB charging port to charge your phone while working on projects at your desk. The LED desk lamp is also adjustable and comes with an eye-protection sensor, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off by mistake.

7. Brightech LightView PRO (Magnifying)

Brightech LightView PRO (Magnifying)

This versatile lamp features powerful 2x magnification and a unique clamp design that securely attaches to your desk or workbench with ease. The soft light emitted by our Cool White LED technology is especially beneficial in allowing you to see details in small areas. 

Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Desk Lamp lets you enjoy close work even if you have vision problems such as aging eyes or macular degeneration. Enjoy newspapers, magazines, and books without glasses or headgear and avoid the discomfort of glasses that strap on your head or put weight on your face. 

Things are in focus 8″ away, so you can magnify small objects like jewelry making and more. Plus, there’s no need to hold the magnifying lens when using this bright white-lighted lamp so that you can sew, knit, or make art (painting, drawing) & crafts at home with greater ease.

With its sleek design, LightView PRO is a portable and adjustable lamp that offers you 2.25x magnification of what you’re looking at. Its built-in power button and switch are conveniently located on the head of the light – no buttons or switches to clutter up your desk or bench. The electronics are also protected in case an accident happens; if one were to be dropped, there is little chance of damaging your lamp head.


While there are plenty of lamps on the market, it can be difficult to find one that is well-suited to your needs as an artist. A good lamp should offer a wide range of illumination and color temperature options, but it should also be flexible and easy to move around. 

As we discussed earlier, the right lamp can improve your workflow dramatically by enhancing the color accuracy of your workspace, and doing so in a way that contributes to your overall health and well-being. We hope that this list has helped you narrow down your search for the perfect light!