What is Editorial Style Photography, and What Do We Need To Know?

What is Editorial Style Photography, and What Do We Need To Know?


Editorial-style photography is a popular form that has been around for decades. It’s used in print advertising and editorial features, characterized by its use of clean lines and bold colors. Editorial-style photography aims to create an image that conveys a message or story without much text or additional information.

The photographer will usually have a specific type of subject in mind when they take their pictures—for example; they might want their subject to look relaxed and confident while wearing their new outfit on the beach during sunset. The photographer will work with the subject to get them into the right pose or location to create the right image for their client.

Editorial-style photographers often work in teams with assistants who help them find locations, assist with lighting and equipment, and manage other logistics to focus on getting great shots from their subjects. Commercial photographers often work with models, stylists, and others to create a specific look for their clients. They might work on photo shoots for magazines or advertisements for clothing companies that need images of their products worn by attractive people. 

Types of Editorial Photography and When to Use Them

Types of Editorial Photography

Editorial photography can be used in various ways, and it’s essential to understand what each type looks like and when it should be used.

Editorial photography is a photography style used for editorial purposes—that is, in magazines, newspapers, or other publications. This type of photography aims to illustrate the message conveyed by the publication or website where it will appear. It’s also important to consider how photographers, or even you, can use each different type of editorial photo:

Politics Editorial Photography

Politics Editorial Photography

Politics Editorial Photography can illustrate a particular political message or issue. In this case, the photographer would work with an editor and writer to determine which photos are needed and how they will be used in the publication. This type of photo should tell a story rather than just capture a moment in time.

Showing the faces of the politicians and the crowds at rallies will help to illustrate their message. These photos should be used in publications specific to a political party or candidate and covering general news about politics.

Spot News

Spot News is used to capture a moment in time. It’s usually created in response to an event that has just occurred. The photographer will be sent out immediately with instructions to find the story and photograph it. These pictures are used in newspapers or news magazines to tell people what happened.

War Editorial Photography

War Editorial Photography is used to illustrate a specific story. It’s often used by newspapers and magazines that cover military conflicts. The photographer will be sent out with instructions to find stories about soldiers, the battles they wage, and how the war affects civilians on both sides.

Sports Editorial Photography

Sports Editorial Photography

Sports Editorial Photography takes pictures that tell the story of what happened and any memorable moments or big plays during the game or match. Sports photographers will also take pictures of the players and coaches after the game to capture the players’ and fans’ emotions and feelings.  

Travel Editorial Photography

Travel Editorial Photography is about places and the people who live there. It’s about taking photos that show off a destination that highlights the culture and traditions of a place. The images should be beautiful and informative so the reader can feel what it’s like to visit that place. 

Entertainment Editorial Photography

Entertainment Editorial Photography

Entertainment Editorial Photography captures the fun and excitement on the red carpet, at a movie premiere, or in front of thousands of screaming fans. It’s about taking photos that show off celebrities in all their glory—not just their fashion sense but their personality. It’s about capturing the moment a celebrity breaks into a smile or throws up their arms in celebration.

Wildlife Editorial Photography

Wildlife Editorial Photography can be a powerful way to spread awareness about endangered species and the effects of climate change on our planet. It’s also great to show how people work together to protect endangered animals and wildlife habitats.

Wildlife photography has challenges, from finding the perfect angle and lighting to getting close enough to your subject without scaring it away. But when you capture an image that shows how beautiful wild animals are, or a moment of hilarious interaction between two species, the effort is well worth it.

The Complete Guide to the Various Tools & Equipment You’ll Need for Your Shoot

You need to be ready for anything when you’re shooting editorial photography. You may be on-location in a rural area with no electricity and only natural light, or you might work in a studio setting with a full lighting setup. Either way, you’ll need to know what equipment is best for the job to get the best results from your shoot. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most important tools and equipment you should have on hand when shooting editorial photography:


The tripod is one of the most important equipment photographers can have in their arsenal. It helps stabilize your camera and ensures that every shot will come out perfectly crisp and clear. It also allows for longer exposures than would generally be possible without one, which means that even if there isn’t enough light available for exposure without using this device, it will still work just fine with one attached!


Obviously! The camera is an essential part of any shoot that involves taking pictures or videos (which is pretty much all photo shoots nowadays). Depending on how much money you want, you can get a primary point-and-shoot camera and take decent photos with it, or you can spend hundreds of dollars on an SLR (single lens reflex) camera and get much better quality pictures. The choice is up to you!


The lenses used with a camera are essential for taking high-quality photos. They allow you to focus on certain parts of your image and control how much light is allowed into the camera, which is why they’re so important! There are many different kinds of lenses available right now. Still, if you’re just starting with photography, then I’d recommend getting one that allows you to zoom in and out (like an 18-55mm or 55-200mm lens), as this will make it easier for you to take pictures without being too close or too far away from your subject.

Memory Card

The more photos you take, the faster you’ll fill up your memory card. Taking a lot of photos is why getting a microSD card that’s large enough for your needs is important! I recommend a 32GB SDHC card, which will let you store around 1000 photos. You can get cards that are larger than this, but be careful about how many you buy at a time, as they’ll start to cost more.

If you have all these four, you’re pretty much ready to start your photography journey! But to take it to the next level, you should also be familiar with a few basic things like the concept of lighting, the different kinds of cameras, the different kinds of lenses, and how to use them.


In this article, we have learned what Editorial Style Photography is and what photographers need to know about it. Every photographer must understand the difference between editorial and commercial styles. If you are interested in creating your editorial-style images, you should start by studying these examples and trying to figure out how they were created.

Editorial-style photography is much more than just taking a good picture; it’s about creating something that tells a story and evokes emotion in the viewer. The best way to learn how to do this is by looking at other people’s work and trying to figure out why they succeeded where others failed.

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